Ruben Brovida is a musician, sound artist and performer. He studied Electroacoustic Composition with Benjamin Thigpen at Ghedini conservatory in Cuneo (IT), and He graduated at Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (NL) where he discovered an inspiring and rewarding environment under the guide of Kees Tazelaar, Paul Berg, Raviv Ganchrow and Bjarni Gunnarson.

His work seek to explore complexity in sound synthesis and sound structures, the possibilities of multichannel system and programming concepts using traditional, electronic and digital instruments. He is working in the fields electroacoustic composition (fixed media and live electronics) and sound art (interactive sound installations and web art). As musician and composer he is part of several projects related to theatre, pop and dance music.  As sound designer, He is collaborating with visual artists and with programmers creating audio-visual works and tablet applications. As composer and performer He is presenting his fixed media compositions and his free improvisation projects in various European festivals.

His musical exploration include the dance floor, through techno/house dj set and live set. He is playing in the underground club scene in Turin (IT) and in The Hague (NL), ranging from illegal rave parties, to clubs.

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FillinTheGap is a duo composed by Ruben Brovida and Stefano Sgarbi. The project is rooted in the ongoing individual explorations of sonic and musical possibilities of electroacoustic devices and it is born throughout the encounter of the two. Such an encounter made new surprising explorations accessible like textures built up through superimposing layers of different natures and timbre digital transformations of analogically synthesised sonorities. The gap is the unsafe unconventional spot that may exist between two different worlds that, accepting the prescribed interconnection, finally look for a conscious compromise.

Amniotic Lymph

Amniotic Lymph is a duo composed by Ruben Brovida and Tiziano Teodori. They play as a free improvisation duo, exploring the possible relationship and development that arise from freely exchanged materials between the two. The exploration is carried on with a flute and a modular synthesiser that generate electronic sound and further process the flute. The flute is the object, the modular synth is the extension and the context.

Gah Ned

Gah Ned is a musical tribal collective. It is based on live improvisation influenced by electronic dance, experimental and primal music. New and early technologies are combined in order to provide a groovy and cavernous experience


A list of 60 curators has been compiled representing the many artist initiatives, ensembles, galleries, festivals, educational departments that amongst others have contributed in recent years to shaping the local experimental audio scene. Each of these curators has been invited to in turn invite 4-5 artists/creators to participate in the project. The outcome of the project will be presented in September 2016.

Concept and Direction: Francisco Lopez
Project Coordination: Barbara Ellison
Production: iii
Production assistance: Jasper Fung
Software Development: Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito
Web Design: Satoshi Shiraishi
Graphic Design: Studio Another Day
Financial Support: Creative Industries Fund NL, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stroom Den Haag
Presentation Partners: Korzo Theater, TodaysArt

Diritti In Porta

D(i)ritti in porta e uno spettacolo originale che racconta vicende realmente accadute dove lo sport tutela o viola i diritti umani. La regia e di Paola Cereda, psicologa, scrittrice e operatrice ASAI, in collaborazione con la coreografa Rita Cerevico. I ragazzi della compagnia hanno compiti importanti nella gestione delle prove e nell'allestimento (scenografie, costumi, organizzazione).

Drammaturgia collettiva: assaiASAI
Regia: Paola Cereda
Coreografie: Rita Cerevico
Aiuto regia: Erika La Ragione
Suoni originali: Andrea Chenna e Ruben Brovida

I am Standing in a Radio

I am Standing in A Radio is an electroacoustic work in collaboration with Marcello Ghilardi, based on extending and celebrating ideas present within the work of Alvin Lucier landmark composition, I am Sitting in A Room.

I am Standing in A Radio, replaces the physical space of a room with that of a radio receiver and furthermore replaces the original tape recorder with a digital delay line. Instead of routing the signal into only the space of a room, a radio transmitter broadcasts the acoustic information into the electromagnetic field (whereby the radio receiver re-receives the signal). The inherent feedback loop created by this process then become open to a variety of external influences, such us other electronic devices, nearby radio stations, and the electromagnetic field itself. The re-examination of Lucier classic conception of acoustic feedback loops, in combination with old and new technologies, is something that we see as a viable way to renew perspectives on how textural and structural relationships can emerge from engagement with established methods of processing sound.


A culinary app containing videos and recipes of the dishes served in Restaurant Bord'Eau. Besides reportages in the kitchen and restaurant you will find small documentaries on the origins of the foods and products used in the kitchen

Recipes: Richard van Oostenbrugge en Thomas de Groot
Concept, Production and Art-Direction: Raymond Taudin Chabot
Design and Development: Adrien Jean Jean
Music composed, performed and produced by: Ezio Taeggi, Darien Brito and Ruben Brovida


Generative ambient application made with Supercollider. Compiled for Mac OSX.

The Consumption of Meat

Sound design work for an info-graphic made for the exam "Innovation and management of the project" at the Polytechnic of Turin.

Video: Beppe Conti

A Concert for Gottfried Michael Koenig's 90th Birthday - The Hague(NL) | 5 October 2016 | as Ruben Brovida

First Year Festival Koncon - The Hague(NL) || as Royal Electroacoustic Ensemble

GranMadre - Notte Rosa - Canale(IT) | 30 luglio 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Sonology Final Exam Concert - The Hague(NL) | 28 June 2016 | as Ruben Brovida

Syndicaat Presents Final FISSA - The Hague(NL) | 25 Giugno 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Sonology ShowLab #26 - The Hague(NL) | 20 giugno 2016 | as FillinTheGap

Esposizione Artistica Indipendente - Canale(IT) | 14 maggio 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

The ReMembership - The Hague(NL) | 30 Aprile 2016 | as FindTheGap

Het Syndicaat Kindsday Party - The Hague(NL) | 26 April 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Gork A27 at Den Haag - The Hague(NL) | 21 April 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Sonology Showlab #24 - The Hague(NL) | 18 April 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso b2b MixMathews

International Music Conspiracy - Radio Tonka - The Hague(NL)| 15 April 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Vrooom #36 - Pink Pank, Rotterdam | 6 April 2016 | FillinTheGap

Sonology Showlab presents: The Ester Debug - The Hague(NL) | 26 March 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Swart - Het Syndicate - The Hague(NL) | 11 march 2016 | as DJ Jan-klaas Janssen

Bday and Endless Love @ The Lonely Hearts Club - The Hague(NL) | 13 February 2016 | as Ruben Lombroso

Sonology Showlab #21 - The Hague(NL) | 14 December 2015 | as Ruben Brovida

A Blast Night In Syndicate - The Hague(NL) | 3 December 2015 | as Ruben Lombroso

Sonology Discussion Concert 2, Institue of Sonology | 2 Dec 2015 | FillinTheGap

Sonology Showlab #20 - The Hague(NL) | 23 November 2015 | as Rupestro

Bizzarre Sound Creatures - Eindhoven(NL) | 24 October 2015 | as Amniotic Gap

Wonderwerp #65, Studio Loos, Den Haag | 22 Oct 2015 | FillinTheGap

UND #8 - Das Kunstfestival in Karlsruhe | 15-18 Okt 2015 | FillinTheGap

Sonology Discussion Concert #1 - The Hague(NL) | 14 October 2015 | Playing with the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble

2 Far 2 Paradise Party @ Syndicaat - The Hague(NL) | 10 October 2015 | as Gah Ned

Hortafest, Terracola, Catalonia | 12 Jul 2015 | FillinTheGap

Sirga Festival - Musiques De Recerca I Patrimoni, International Contemporary Music Festival And Local Heritage | 6-18 Jul 2015 | FillinTheGap

Globale: Next_generation 6.0, ZKM - Karlsruhe(D) | 28 Jun 2015 | as Ruben Brovida

A/LIVE Electronic night - The Hague(NL) | 6 May 2015 | as Ruben Brovida

Sonology Discussion Concert #4 - The Hague(NL) | 30 March 2015 | as Ruben Brovida

Sonology Showlab #14 - The Hague(NL) | 23 February 2015 | as Ruben Brovida

Ephemere, Studio Loos, Den Haag | 12 Feb 2015 | FillinTheGap

Wooliest Concert Series - Rotterdam(NL) | 17 January 2015 | as FillintheGap